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Abdul Elah Faisal Bassas, M.D., Ph.D.,

Is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with over years of experience and one of the reputable surgeons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Dr. Bassas (a Saudi National) received his M.D.  from King Saud University Hospital (KSA) and his Ph.D. from Mcgill University in Canada. He has undergo special trainings and fellowship in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He worked in the Security Force Hospital in Riyadh from 1994 till present and also work in Obagi Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a Consultant in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgeon, Hair Transplant and Laser Treatment.  He is also the Chief Director of the Specialized Clinics Co. in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Bassas has travel to the other countries like Canada, United States, UAE and Jordan attending forums and seminars, sharing and gathering variety of new techniques and innovations in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  With his primary expertise in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with the specialization in surgical procedures for improving the appearance of the face, breast and body, he also apply variety of innovations in cosmetic surgery including advance techniques procedure of liposuction, minimal incision approach for breast augmentation with silicon or saline implants, facelift, nose lift, breast reduction, injectable fillers, hair transplant and laser treatments that many patients benefits from his work and happy with the results.


Despite from his busy schedules, Dr. Bassas can be reached thru his personal mobile number +966(0)504407906 or at his Office in Obagi Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Hospital, Riyadh telephone number +966(1)4627111 and also at his Office in Specialized Clinics Co. with telephone number +966(1)4610910 which you can inquire and make an appointments or you can email him at abdul293@gmail.com